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If your planning/building application asks for a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) assessment and certificate we can assist.

For a competitive, fast no fuss appraisal please feel free to contact us anytime via mobile, email or the “Request a quote now” Button.

Often the need to get a BAL assessment is a surprise!! We are geared to help and quickly.

The map of “Bush Fire Prone Areas” changes from time to time; last change 28th September 2019.

To see the current map click the map icon or  (Click Here).

For instructions on how to use the map  (Click Here).

A level one BAL assessment requires site assessment we can work from plans/sketches in any format.

WABAL Services provide a statewide service to the domestic, commercial and Government construction markets.
We are also available to contract to Established Building surveyors. Feel free to browse our photo gallery.


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